“Four generations coming together to know, grow and mature in Christ.”
Pastor Milton Herrold Jr.


Sunday School - 9am
Morning Worship - 10am



Prayer Meeting - 7pm
Youth Group - 7pm


The purpose of the Planning Commision is to set goals along with both short and long range plans for the entire church.    

  1. A chairman, assistant chairman, and secretary shall be elected annually by the Commission and shall be members of Macedonia Church.  
  2. The chairman will serve on the Board of Administration and the assistant chairman will serve as the alternate.  
  3. The Commission answers and reports to the Board of Administration. 
  4. The Commission consists of the pastor and nine (9) church members elected in groups of three (3).  Each group contains two (2) members that are elected by the congregation and one (1) member appointed by the Board of Administration and are staggered annually.  Each group's term is for three (3) years.  
  5. The Commission shall report to the Board of Administration in the months of February, April, June, August, November and any other times deemed necessary.  
  1. To present goals along with short and long range plans to the Board of  Administration for approval.  
  2. To plan and oversee fund raisers that include the entire church.  Does not  include those conducted by individual commissions (i.e. Youth and Care Commissions).  
  3. To secure Board of Administration approval for fund raisers.

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