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The purpose of the Personnel Relations Commission is to serve as a Conferring and Counseling Committee to the pastor(s) and other emplyed personnel as well as the appointed and elected personnel.    

  1. A chairman, assistant chairman, and secretary shall be elected annually by the Commission and must be members of the Macedonia Church.  
  2. The chairman shall serve on the Board of Administration and the assistant shall serve as the alternate.
  3. The Commission answers and reports to the Board of Administration.
  4. The Commission consists of the lay delegate(s) as elected by the congregation and a number of other members as annually appointed by the Board of Administration.  
  5. The Commission shall meet prior to reporting to the Board of Administration.  
  6. The Commission shall report sem-annually to the Board of Administration and any other times deemed necessary.  
  1. To aid the pastor(s), other emplyed personnel, lay leader, minister of visitation, Sunday School Superintendent and all other appointed or elected personnel to effectively serve the needs and programs of the church.  
  2. To be sensitive to the relationship between the pastor and the local church.
  3. To cooperate with the Stationing Committee in securing a pastor when the need arises.  
  4. To make recommendations for all staff concerning job descriptions, assignment of responsibilities, salaries, and benefits.  
  5. To meet semi-annually with the pastor, Minister of Visitation, and all other paid employees.  Also meet with other staff when deemed necessary or as directed by the Board of Administration.  
  6. To carry out other responsibilites as deemed necessary and and directed by the Board of Administration.  
  7. To present a ballot to the congregation, when deemed necessary, to consider the status of the pastor.  The pastor must be notified in advance of the presentation to the congregation.  
  8. To compile a local church profile survey.   

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