“Four generations coming together to know, grow and mature in Christ.”
Pastor Milton Herrold Jr.


Sunday School - 9am
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Prayer Meeting - 7pm
Youth Group - 7pm

The purpose of the Care / Mission Commission is to extend the love of God by helping to provide care for the spiritual and physical needs of the church, to preserve the witness of the church, reach out to the community when the opportunity affords itself and to oversee and coordinate the missions emphasis of the church.    

  1. A chairman, assistant chairman, treasurer and secretary shall be elected anually by the Commission and shall be members of Macedonia Church.  
  2. The chairman will serve on the Board of Administration and the assistant chairman will serve as the alternate.  
  3. The Commission answers and reports to the Board of Administration.  
  4. The Commission consists of the pastor, minister of visitation, tape ministry committee, flower committee, home department committee, WMF AND MMI presidents, camp secretary, youth representative, three (3) members at large elected by the congregation and one (1) member at large appointed by the Board of Administration.  
  5. The Commission shall meet prior to reporting to the Board of Administration.
  6. The Commission shall report to the Board of Administration in the months of  January, March, May, July, October and any other times deemed necessary.   
  1. To set goals and objectives for the care of church members and present them to the Board of Administration.  
  2. To encourage the sick through visits, flowers, cards, meals and whatever else deemed necessary.  
  3. To encourage those lax in church attendance.  
  4. To appoint and oversee the Home Department and Tape Ministries.  
  5. To oversee monthly shut-in visitations.  
  6. To oversee drivers and maintain rosters for volunteer transportation.  
  7. To oversee the distribution of Christmas boxes to people in nursing homes.  
  8. To seek creative ways to care for church members.  
  9. To see that every need, whether an emergency or not, is presented before the Cmmission for approval.  
  10. To secure Board of Administration approval for fund raisers.  
  11. To review and evaluate periodically the Care Commission Ministries of the Church.  
  12. To set goals and objectives for the missionary emphasis of the church.  
  13. To coordinate missions activities throughout the church.  
  14. To help implement plans of the WMF and MMI Societies.  
  15. To make recommendations regarding faith promise program when implemented.  
  16. To organize missions conferences or other services promoting the cause of  missions, including quarterly missions emphasis program coordinated with the pastor.  
  17. To organize missions projects.  
  18. To inspire and educate the congregation in the area of world missions.  
  19. To keep communication lines open in working with the United Brethern In Christ Missions Board.  
  20. To encourage those people of the congregation whom God has called and desire to go into missions work including short-term missions outreach.  
  21. To promote the camp programs and other special activities thru Rhodes Grove.  
  22. To coordinate with the Youth Commission a youth missions emphasis.  
  23. To oversee the Thank Offering Program and Harvest Home Programs thru the WMF.  
  24. To periodically review and evaluate the missions work of the church.

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