“Four generations coming together to know, grow and mature in Christ.”
Pastor Milton Herrold Jr.


Sunday School - 9am
Morning Worship - 10am



Prayer Meeting - 7pm
Youth Group - 7pm

The purpose of the Evangelism / Worship Commision is to oversee the evangelistic outreach of the church, seek to disciple every new believer and to oversee all things pertaining to and associated with the worship experiences and music ministries of the church.    

  1. A chairman, assistant chairman and secretary shall be elected annually be the Commission.  All must be members of the Macedonia Church for at least six (6) months prior to being elected.  
  2. The chairman will serve on the Board of Administration and the assistant chairman will serve as alternate.  
  3. The Commission answers and reports to the Board of Administration.
  4. The Commission consists of the pastor, lay leader and the assistant lay leader, church and s.s. choristers and their assistants, choir director, head usher and  three (3) members at large. 
  5. The Commission shall meet prior to reporting to the Board of Administration.
  6. The Commission shall report to the Board of Administration in the months of  January, March, May July, October, and any other times deemed necessary. 
  1. To set goals and plans for the evangelism of the unsaved.  
  2. To oversee an effective follow-up of every visitor to Macedonia.  does not include Sunday School activities.  
  3. To train members in personal evangelism.  
  4. To promote friendship evangelism among the congregation.  
  5. To secure revival, rally day, and other special speakers and music.  Does not include Rally Day Sunday School Children's Proram.  All speakers must be approved by the Board of Administration prior to final arrangement.  
  6. To set goals and objectives for worship.  
  7. To arrange for congregation and/or special music for worship services.  
  8. To encourage individuals to share their gifts through talent night, etc.
  9. To approve choir's choice of Director.
  10. To appoint painists / organists and provide each with schedules.
  11. To oversee and provide rosters for the greeters when applicable.
  12. To provide training for ushers and greeters as needed.  
  13. To oversee the Communion Committee.  
  14. To oversee and make sure that the music copyright rules and regulations are adhered to and that the required records are maintained.  
  15. To oversee the changing of the banners and altar cloths, along with the special decorating of the church, except for the Christmas Program.  
  16. To submit to the Board of Administration pre-approval for any major deviation from the present mode of worship (i.e. Communion Service).  
  17. The Commission can spend up to $100 without Board approval.  
  18. To review and evaluate periodically the evangelism / worship experiences of the church.  

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