“Four Generations coming together to know, grow and mature in Christ.”
Pastor Milton Herrold Jr..


Sunday School - 9am
Morning Worship - 10am
Evening Worship - 7pm


Prayer Meeting - 7pm
Youth Group - 7pm

he name by which we are called "Macedonia" is a biblical name.  It is found in the book of Acts, chapter 16 and it refers to an area or region of land.

A close look at that passage of scripture reveals that the two missionaries, Paul & Silas were attempting to enter into Asia so that they might preach the word.  The Holy Spirit stopped them.  Then, as they wondered where they should go, they had a vision that showed a man calling to them with the message, "Come over to Macedonia and help us."

We extend the same invitation today to anyone that wishes to come.  Why do we ask for help?  So that we can fulfill our mission statement that is found on our web site.

You are welcome.  There is plenty of room in our Macedonia Family for you.  May we welcome you to our services?

Gayle L. Ruble Sr.


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